Those of us who work with people’s bodies know that it’s not just about the body, it’s about what a patient or client learns or understands about his or her own body.

For as much as a true professional is constantly challenging herself to learn new concepts, and to advance her expertise; her knowledge is only as good as where it can meet with a client’s needs- where it holds meaning for someone and can improve his quality of life. 

This is the art of Rehab.  A practitioner can’t hold too tightly onto any preconceived notions. Treatment is a living, breathing experience in action, and the improvements happen through the doing- the learning, refining, and adapting.

This isn’t to suggest that there aren’t more immediate or linear answers to improving someone’s diagnoses, quite often there are.  Yet, in these cases, it becomes just as much of a study in real-time to recognize when something is working.  Rest. Strengthening. Pacing. These are simple concepts, but they can provide enormous change, and there is a skill in noticing that too.  

What is spectacular about Rehab is that it is a model for growth.  Attention, Awareness, and learning are the ingredients that can quite literally move a person from pain to pleasure.