I never thought I would be able to recover from my back injury or dance again. Not only is my back healed but I am dancing better than I have in 20 years after working with Caroline. She not only listens with her ears but with her hands and heart and then she teaches me to help myself. That is true healing. Mimi Q. 

I found Caroline after spending a full year in debilitating pain with no end in sight. Unlike other physical therapists, Caroline approached my back pain from every angle until I was completely pain free. She is a smart, intuitive, open, empathetic and supremely gifted physical therapist. If I had a friend in pain, I would not only recommend Caroline, I would insist they see her immediately. Tasha B. 

Just six weeks after micro-spinal surgery, I had the privilege to work with Caroline Feig. Having been a professional ballet dancer, I had lots of physical therapists in my life. I discovered the best physical therapist I had known...unending talent and devotion to her art...her knowledge of the body and great respect and sensitivity and encouragement to me was remarkable. The biggest of all gifts I received from Caroline was learning how to breathe, and Feldenkrais, which has changed my emotional and physical life forever. Pat K.

Caroline Feig reorganized my body. I herniated two discs in my lower back and broke my ankle a year later. From there, my body started to deteriorate. Having gone to other therapists who couldn't really help me, I went to Caroline on the recommendation of a friend. I kid you not. Within two sessions, I stopped having hip and back pain, I was more grounded and my other parts of my body that had been suffering stopped hurting me. My friend and I kid that she's a witch doctor. Caroline really understands the body and is so adept at figuring out even the most minute problem, restructuring and putting you back together. I highly recommend her. She will change your life! Steven G.

I have been working with Caroline in her capacity as physical therapist and I would recommend her without reservation. She is highly knowledgable and skilled, she draws on her training as a Feldenkrais practitioner which I find very valuable, and she is extremely personable and fun to work with! I have sung her praises to many of my friends and acquaintances! Emily T.

Caroline is an incredibly talented and creative physical therapist who is able to integrate the Feldenkrais method into the therapy to greatly optimize the healing and recovery process. I've found her knowledge and ability to be far superior to the many other P.T. people I've worked with over the years.  I have had great success in my own recovery thanks to working with her and am so very pleased and grateful. Karen B.

She is a rare find and has lightened my body’s burden. Susanne B

I have seen a plethora of the "best" physical therapists in the city and none were able to provide the care and healing that Caroline has given me. She has an extensive background in Physical Therapy, Pilates and the Feldenkrais Method which clearly has given her a comprehensive understanding of the body and how it should function...Caroline is gentle, but still confident and efficient. She listens, both to your body and your words. There is no unnecessary force. Lyndsey C.

Caroline Feig PT