These days, I teach ppl how to breathe, how to walk, how to move, how to calm down-  but they already know how to do these things.

How hard we have to work at the natural  things anymore.  Like a friend always says about good makeup, “it takes a lot of work to look this natural.”

When I was young,  I had a mentor who moved so beautifully.  I was in pain then and I’d watch him and think, “ if I didn’t have pain, then I could do that too.” I didn’t understand that the nature of his movement kept him from pain.

Recently, a patient asked me how to stop clenching her teeth.  I explained that clenching is a habit.  That the teeth are just as much meant for eating and smiling. I told her to think of a lemon and salivate…. To laugh, to yawn or sigh…

I explained to her that the brain and body need to find what is natural.  “What reason would there be to clench when you are tasting something as sweet as cake?”

And how can a hand that reaches out to someone else remain bound in a closed fist?